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Thurlby -澳洲香療精油除蟲衣櫥掛 -Clothing protector

Thurlby -澳洲香療精油除蟲衣櫥掛 -Clothing protector


澳洲香療精油除蟲衣櫥掛 Clothing protector


遠離衣物飛蛾,並用玫瑰或雪松的自然香氣使衣服清新。由所有天然芳香療法精油製成,這是最有效,最自然的方法,可以阻止昆蟲並清新衣櫃。這些令人愉悅的除蟲掛香磚是自然界對萘的回答,它們可以驅除昆蟲,沒有令人討厭的樟腦球氣味。 這些掛香磚可用於使衣服清新,並清除衣櫃中的霉味。


Keep the clothes moths away and freshen your clothes with the all natural scent of Lavender or Sandalwood. Made from all natural aromatherapy oils, this is the most effective and natural way to deter insects and freshen your wardrobe.These delightful little packages are natures answer to nephthalene, they repels insects but don't have the objectionable smell of moth balls. These little packages are also usefull for freshening clothes, and clearing a musty smell out of the wardrobe.

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