Thurlby -澳洲草本香薰除蟲掛香磚 Mandala bug buster

Thurlby -澳洲草本香薰除蟲掛香磚 Mandala bug buster


澳洲草本香薰除蟲掛香磚 Mandala bug buster


澳洲全天然手工香磚, 自家草本配方, 防蛀, 防霉,具有多種設計及顏色選擇。 將此香囊掛在衣櫃或放置書櫃,自然散發香味,使衣服清新,同時驅除昆蟲。 實用精美, 送禮自用均可。





The Mandala bug buster is a herbal anti-moth protector in a mix of designs and colours. Hang this sachet in your cupboard to naturally perfume and freshen your clothing while repelling insects. Packaging comes in a range of mandala patterns & colours. They make lovely practical gifts.

Due the hand made nature of this item, prints may vary from piece to piece.


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