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Thurlby -澳洲嬰兒全天然燕麥山羊奶沐浴粉 Essential Baby - Oat & Goats Milk Bath 1個

Thurlby -澳洲嬰兒全天然燕麥山羊奶沐浴粉 Essential Baby - Oat & Goats Milk Bath 1個




  • 就像奶奶以前所做的那樣,是一種傳統的溫和無皂嬰兒洗手液。這種舒緩配方是由燕麥粉和最純淨的山羊奶混合而成的。它包裝在壓花精美的“無樹”紙中,並配有陶瓷勺子。
  • 成分:燕麥片,山羊奶粉
  • 顏色隨機


A traditional gentle soapless wash for baby, just like Grandma used to make.

This soothing formula is made from finely powdered oatmeal mixed with the purest goat’s milk. It is packaged in a beautifully embossed “treeless” paper and comes with a ceramic spoon. 

Size: 110g

Ingredients: finely ground oatmeal, goats milk powder.

  • Thurlby Herb Farm產品在西澳大利亞珀斯以南420公里的Walpole生產。



    Thurlby建立在強大的環境和道德原則基礎上。產品包裝​​主要由再生棉纖維製成,這是服裝行業的副產品。 Wild Earth Eco提供的Natural Collection系列所使用的包裝是通過將新鮮的葉子手動壓入濕紙製成的。



    Thurlby Herb Farm products are produced in Walpole, 420 kilometres south of Perth, Western Australia.

    Thurlby grows herbs and manufactures soap for exclusive handmade products.

    Most of Thurlby products are created on site, with employees making and labelling products by hand. Soaps are produced by artisans using traditional methods. The soap is gently stirred, poured into moulds, cut into slabs and air cured for several months. Botanicals are collected from the garden, dried and mixed in different aromatic blends to be used in our products.

    Thurlby is founded on strong environmental and ethical principles. Product packaging is predominantly made from recycled cotton fibre – a by product from the clothing industry. The packaging used on the Natural Collection range available from Wild Earth Eco is created by hand pressing fresh leaves into wet paper.

    Thurlby products contain NO:
    synthetic additives
    no parabens
    lauryl sulphates.

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