Sister Bee -蜂蜜濕疹修護軟膏-舒緩|濕疹|燒傷|割傷 Soothes & Restores Eczema, Burns & Cuts

Sister Bee -蜂蜜濕疹修護軟膏-舒緩|濕疹|燒傷|割傷 Soothes & Restores Eczema, Burns & Cuts


Soothes & Restores Eczema, Burns & Cuts 蜂蜜濕疹修護軟膏-舒緩|濕疹|燒傷|割傷 (2oz.)


  • 幫助自然舒緩並恢復因濕疹,皮膚刺激,皮疹,燒傷和蟲咬引起的皮膚問題。我們利用具有抗細菌和抗病毒作用的蜂蠟的強度,保護和恢復皮膚免受感染和病原體的侵害。
  • 蜂蠟還含有維生素A,它實際上可以替代並促進皮膚細胞的生長。皮膚問題可能會刺激,發炎,發癢並引起很多不適,全天然解決方案!


Let Bee Better help naturally soothe and restore your skin issues from eczema, skin irritation, rashes, burns, and bug bites.  We use the strength of beeswax, which is antibacterial and antiviral, protecting and restoring the skin against infection and pathogens. Beeswax also contains vitamin A, which can actually replace and boost skin cell growth. Skin issues can irritate, inflame, itch, and cause a lot of discomforts, we have the perfect all-natural solution with Bee Better!




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