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Sister Bees -強效萬用保濕膏 Soothes & Restores Dry Skin

Sister Bees -強效萬用保濕膏 Soothes & Restores Dry Skin


強效萬用保濕膏 Soothes & Restores Dry Skin 2oz


  • 乾敏痕、主婦手及濕疹肌適用

無味的強效保濕霜,可舒緩和恢復乾燥敏感的皮膚。它非常適合您過度乾燥的手、腳和肘部,特別是如果您對精油敏感或過敏。這種無味藥膏也適用於母乳喂養的媽媽。 Sister Bees Bee Free 採用天然抗菌的蜂蠟製成,有助於創造天然屏障,抑制細菌的生長!


Bee Free is an unscented, intense moisturizer that soothes and restores dry skin. It is perfect for your extra over dry hands, feet & elbows especially if you are sensitive or allergic to essential oils. This unscented salve works well for breastfeeding moms as well. Sister Bees Bee Free is made with beeswax which is naturally antibacterial and helps to create a natural barrier inhibiting the growth of bacteria! 

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