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Nature's Superfood - 100%有機生薑粉 Organic Raw Ginger Powder

Nature's Superfood - 100%有機生薑粉 Organic Raw Ginger Powder

HK$79.00 一般價格

100%有機生薑粉 Organic Raw Ginger Powder 100g


成分:100% 有機生薑粉



Nature's Superfoods 有機生金薑粉來自秘魯的亞馬遜雨林。秘魯金姜因其出色的風味——大膽、濃郁和令人愉悅的辛辣,在美國和歐洲等國家越來越受歡迎。秘魯生薑被認為是優質生薑。從歷史上看,生薑在傳統的中國和印度阿育吠陀系統中被尊為治療禮物。

生薑:生薑中的主要活性化合物是姜酚和 shagaol。眾所周知,兩者都具有抗氧化和抗炎作用。這些活性化合物有助於中和胃酸,增強消化液的分泌,並強健消化道肌肉。姜酚和姜酚在實驗性致癌作用(腫瘤發展)中也表現出抗癌活性。





1) 在餅乾、蜜餞、酸辣醬、甜點、膳食和飲料中使用生薑。

2) 用薑粉、熱水、蜂蜜和檸檬製作一些簡單的薑茶,有助於緩解喉嚨痛、乾咳和緩解感冒症狀。

建議每日食用量:每天 1 克 – 4 克(最多)。

注意:如果您有出血性疾病或服用稀釋血液的藥物(阿司匹林、華法林等),則不應使用生薑。 生薑可作為血液稀釋劑,因此在手術前至少兩週限制使用。


INGREDIENTS: 100% Organic Raw Ginger Powder

Certified organic: USDA, EU

No artificial additives, flavorings or preservatives
Nature’s Superfoods Organic Raw Golden Ginger Powder comes from the Amazon rainforest of Peru. Peruvian golden ginger has been growing in popularity in countries such as the USA and in Europe due to its excellent flavor profile - bold, intense and delightfully spicy. Peruvian ginger is considered as premium quality ginger. Historically, ginger is revered as a healing gift in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic Indian systems.

GINGER: The main active compounds in ginger responsible for its flavor, odor, and healing properties are gingerol and shagaol. Both are known to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions. These active compounds help to neutralize stomach acids, enhance the secretion of digestive juices, and tone the muscles of the digestive tract. Gingerols and shogaols also exhibit cancer-preventive activity in experimental carcinogenesis (tumor development).

Ginger also contains a beneficial protein digestive enzyme namely zingibain, which is particularly effective in preventing gas and bloating.

Botanical name: Zingiber officinale


How To Use:

1) Use ginger as is in your biscuits, preserves, chutneys, desserts, meals and beverages.

2) Make some simple ginger tea with ginger powder, hot water, honey and a lemon to help soothe sore throats, dry cough and to relieve cold symptoms.

Recommended daily serving : 1g – 4g (max) a day.

Note: Ginger should not be used if you have a bleeding disorder or take blood-thinning medications (aspirin, warfarin etc.). Ginger acts as a blood thinner, so curb use at least two weeks before surgery.

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