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Thurlby -澳洲熱敷手工香薰包  -薰衣草  Mandala Heat Pack -Lavender

Thurlby -澳洲熱敷手工香薰包 -薰衣草 Mandala Heat Pack -Lavender

熱敷香薰包集合了傳統澳洲草本植物的配方及現代科技,當中的香薰成分使壓力及緊張一掃而空! 將香薰包於微波爐加熱一至兩分鐘至乾燥溫熱的時候,輕輕地在痛處按壓,香薰包內的小麥、茶樹及桉樹等成份,可抒緩您的痛楚並將壓力帶走~ 由澳洲Thurlby herb farm 人手製造。 Mandala Heat PackA wheat and lavender heat pack with a very practical removable cover. The covers are sewn in beautiful pure linen.Stress and tension melt away with our Natural Selection Sandalwood Heat pack. Applies dry heat, gentle pressure and plant power to work on your aches and pains. The handmade packaging is from cotton fibre off cuts from the clothing industry, printed by pressing fresh leaves into the wet paper. The heatpack cover is made from linen - a high quality fabric that requires much less energy and water to produce than any other material.
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