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LEADERS 高效補濕修復面膜(10片裝) Aquaringer Skin Clnic Mask

LEADERS 高效補濕修復面膜(10片裝) Aquaringer Skin Clnic Mask

HK$220.00 一般價格

韓國版 高效補濕修復面膜(10片裝) Aquaringer Skin Clnic Mask (25ml X 10pcs)




短期貨才是買一送一:有效期至2024年8月12日/Best Before:2024 Aug 12, 第二件將隨貨附贈


  • 純淨的阿爾卑斯冰河水提供全面的水分的基本能量,給肌膚恢復油脂與水分的平衡
  • 使用Adenosine成分有效改善皺紋及恢復肌膚彈性,天然保濕因子舒緩死亡角質層保持肌膚健康。成分不含苯(防腐劑)/皮膚科測試完成。


主要成分: Adenosine- 阿爾卑斯山萬年冰河水、 Amino Acid Complex




*阿爾卑斯冰河水取自終年積雪的純淨山脈雪水,含豐富天然礦物質能迥迅速被人體吸收 *氨基酸綜合體(amino acid complex)對於維持皮膚濕度十分重要, 能供應皮膚細胞所需的養分, 啓動皮膚纖維組織母細胞並防止肌膚老化。



Active ingredients:


Alps glacier water

Amino Acid Complex


Product Features

  • Clean Alps water supply full moisture, energy for skin and recover oil and moist balance.
  • It improves fine lines and recover the whole skin elasticity with Adenosine, wrinkle improvement ingredient.
  • Natural Moisturizing Factor(NMF) will keep healthy skin condition by soothing the dead skin cell
  • Paraben-free &Dermatological tested 


Recommendable for:

The skin shows moist insufficiency like fine lines, dead skin layer and dull skin tone

For all skin types, especially for dry and tense skin

The skin that has lost oil and moist balance and started aging


How to use:

1. Cleanse your face and dry, then refine your skin texture with toner.

2. Apply the mask on your face and hold it 15-20 minutes, take comfortable rest.

3. Take off the mask and tap your face till the solution water is fully absorbed.

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