Dr.SEED - 生長滋潤修復髮膜 Super Seed Bomb Nourishing Treatment

Dr.SEED - 生長滋潤修復髮膜 Super Seed Bomb Nourishing Treatment


生長滋潤修復髮膜 Super Seed Bomb Nourishing Treatment 500ml


  • 含1000ppm有機印加果油、2000ppm杏桃仁油、600ppm黑豆提取物,修護成分滲透髮絲,令秀髮滋潤、順滑、有光澤
  • 酸鹼值為PH5.5,維持良好的頭皮環境
  • 產品通過敏感頭皮測試及EWG綠色安全評級,20種無害成分
  • 由專業調香師調配出持久獨特香氣經過數千次測試
  • 榮獲2019年韓國顧客滿意大獎
  • 10款香味選擇:BB味、玫瑰味、百合味、甜蜜味、夜麝香味、白蘭花味、清新綠味、甜桃味、檸檬味、香芒味


・45 natural extracts : Contains 45 nature and well-formed extracts for scalp and hair

・20 harmful substances FREE : No harmful ingredients such as sulphates, parabens, and tar., etc. No fragrance ingredients which can caused allergies

・1-3 Grade of EWG : All ingredients are all green grade with EWG Safety standard

・40,000 ppm of major ingredients : 2000 ppm of Organic sacha inchi oil 2000ppm of (Oat) Kernel Oil from UK 2100ppm of Black bean extract

・Acid balanced with PH 5.5

・Acid balanced PH level as most similar to skin scalp Skin irritation tested

・The scents is made by professional perfumers

Scent 香味

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