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Soil -有機100%純乳木果油 Ugandan Shea Butter

Soil -有機100%純乳木果油 Ugandan Shea Butter


純乳木果油 Ugandan Shea Butter 100ml


  • 乳木果油是一種強大的天然保濕劑,可保護和滋養乾燥,受損的皮膚
  • 含有豐富的維生素A和E,有助改善許多皮膚狀況:疤痕,濕疹,牛皮癬,燒傷,皮疹,粉刺和妊娠紋
  • 公平貿易認證

# 乳木果油內含少量微小顆粒,屬於生產正常現象,不影響產品本身質量


Our unrefined, organic Shea Butter spreads smoothly and easily all over your body leaving you skin, hair and nails nourished and enriched. This powerful moisturiser protects and nourishes dry, damaged skin. Pure enough for baby too! Fair Trade Certified.


Made in South Africa

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