LEDAERS 100%純原液精華補濕安瓶面膜(1盒6片) Aquaringer First Ampoule Mask

LEDAERS 100%純原液精華補濕安瓶面膜(1盒6片) Aquaringer First Ampoule Mask

HK$220.00 一般價格

LEDAERS 100%純原液精華補濕安瓶面膜(1盒6片) Aquaringer First Ampoule Mask (25mlX6pcs)


  • 含100%蘆薈提取物,蘆薈保濕成分給肌膚補充水分,植物提取物的抗氧化效果以促進皮膚的細胞成長,令肌膚煥發生機。高達9900ppm透明質酸成分可以迅速滲透至皮膚組織,給肌膚的角質層增加保濕因子,肌膚可以變得柔軟且滋潤。
  • 成分不含苯(防腐劑)/皮膚科測試完成。


主要成分: 100%蘆薈提取物、9900ppm透明質酸


肌膚狀態: 適合所有皮膚類型,對細胞受破壞、水油不平衡而乾燥的皮膚特別有效



An Aquaringer First Ampoule Mask provides intense moisture and nourishment to dry skin resulting in refreshed skin. Low molecular Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Leaf Extract provide a dual moisturizing effect.


Recommend For:

Signs of Aging

Dry Skin

Rough Skin



Organic Aloe Vera leaf extracts relieve tired skin from external factors.

Low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid provides moisturizing through 4 steps.

Moisture Supply

Strong moisturizing

Reducing Dead Skin Cells

Developing Moisture Layer



1.Open the bottle and take out the mask by using the stick.

2. Place a mask directly on skin, contouring it to fit the curves around the eyes, nose and mouth. 3. Leaving on for 10-20 minutes.

4. Remove the mask and gently pat the face with fingertips until the remaining serum is fully absorbed.

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