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Arganour -荷荷巴油Jojoba Oil Bio

Arganour -荷荷巴油Jojoba Oil Bio

HK$138.00 一般價格

荷荷巴油Jojoba Oil Bio 50ml


  • 由於其神經酰胺含量高,深層補水和重建皮膚油性平衡
  • 在痤瘡、皮脂溢出、粉刺、油性皮膚、黑頭、皮疹、粉刺和其他皮膚狀況的情況下非常有用。此外,它可以輕鬆深入地滲透到真皮中,使其軟化並保護其免受環境和氣候(如過冷)的影響。
  • 極好的保濕劑,富含維生素 E,可對皮膚產生抗氧化作用,消除導致皮膚過早老化的自由基。有助於讓她看起來年輕和清新。
  • 增強任何按摩的美學效果。通過增加皮膚的彈性,它是防止孕婦妊娠期妊娠紋和下垂的絕佳選擇。



  • 荷荷巴油是稀釋皮脂的一種非常有效的天然替代品,皮脂是一種蠟,通常沉積在毛囊中,是頭皮屑和皮脂溢出的原因,或者頭髮被末端分開(麥粒腫),或變成過度乾燥或油膩,導致瘙癢並最終脫髮。
  • 可滲透並溶解這些沉積物,調節頭皮上過多的皮脂分泌並刺激其生長,這將使您擁有更豐盈、更健康的頭髮。它的油用於生產各種化妝品,如洗髮水、凝膠、肥皂......它顯著改善脆弱和受損的頭髮或那些用染料處理過的頭髮。


BIO 荷荷巴油經過 CAAE 認證和 ECOCERT CAAE 有機認證,此外,在 Arganour,我們秉持無殘忍的理念,尊重環境,並在公平貿易的座右銘下工作。這些是我們想要分享並傳遞給我們社區的價值觀。尋找一個更可持續的世界和負責任的消費。


For the skin: Due to its high content of ceramides, BIO jojoba oil is an excellent alternative to achieve deep hydration and restructuring of the skin's oily balance. Very useful in cases of acne, seborrhea, pimples, oily skin, blackheads, rash, pimples, and other skin conditions. In addition, it penetrates easily and deeply into the dermis, softens it and protects it from the environment and the climate such as excessive cold. It is an excellent moisturizer, rich in vitamin E, which produces an antioxidant effect for the skin, eliminating free radicals that are responsible for its premature aging. Helps keep her looking youthful and fresh. It can be used to enhance the aesthetic effects of any massage. By increasing the elasticity of the skin, it is an excellent alternative to prevent stretch marks and sagging during the gestation period of pregnant women. For the hair: Jojoba oil is a very effective natural alternative to dilute sebum, a kind of wax that usually deposits in the hair follicles and is the cause of dandruff and seborrhea, or that the hair is split by ends (stye), or becomes excessively dry or greasy, causing itching and eventually hair loss. Jojoba oil penetrates and dissolves these deposits, regulates excessive sebaceous secretion on the scalp and stimulates its growth, which will make you have fuller and healthier hair. Its oil is used in the production of various cosmetic products such as shampoos, gels, soaps ... It notably improves fragile and damaged hair or those treated with dyes.


BIO jojoba oil is certified vegan by the CAAE and organic by ECOCERT CAAE, also in Arganour we work with a cruelty free philosophy, we are respectful with the environment and we work under the motto of fair trade. These are the values ​​that we want to share and transfer to our community. Looking for a more sustainable world and responsible consumption.


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