LEADERS 細胞再生維他面膜(1盒10片)  Vital Cell Skin Seed Mask

LEADERS 細胞再生維他面膜(1盒10片) Vital Cell Skin Seed Mask

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細胞再生維他面膜 Vital Cell Skin Seed Mask 27ml x 10pcs


  • 每片蘊含27ml的豐郁的維他命營養精華液,針對及顯著改善因吸收水分及營養能力下降的粗糙鬆弛肌膚,有效紓解修復,煥醒肌膚底層細胞,提升膚質,重塑彈性,令肌膚重現健康完美狀態。配合含有豐富的植物葉綠素Alfalfa Seed及多種維他命營素,即時為皮膚提供活膚能量。成分不含苯(防腐劑)/皮膚科測試完成。
  • 主要成分- 多種維他命- Alfalfa Seed
  • 肌膚狀態:常化妝形成乾燥、粗糙、欠光澤及營養


VITAL CELL SKIN SEED MASK 27ml (10pcs/box)


  • Youthful, vibrant skin

Derived from undifferentiatedcells such as proteins and vitamins to promote effective phyto stem cellregeneration. Nutrition enriched protein protects cells and enhances nutritionabsorption.

  • Regeneration Seeds: Alfalfa Seed

Supernutrient-rich alfalfa plants are rich in saponins knows as chlorophyll, as wellas niacin containing multi-vitamins such a beta-carotene.

  • Skin is strengthened and energized

Antioxidantscontained in the cells enhance the immune system in order to create a resistantbasis for healthier skin. This mask provides high absorption to prepare theskin for other skin care and makeup.


  • Recommendablefor:

Revitalizing the skin without irritation

To improve the absorption of nutrients


  • How to use:

After cleansing,apply the mask onto the face, adjusting to fit the curves around the eyes,nose, and mouth. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, then remove and

discard. Gentlypat the face to absorb the remaining essence.

Efficacy components: adenosine, niacinamide

Benefits:Helps to improve wrinkles and whitens

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