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Dr.Seed -抗菌奶瓶蔬果1級清潔劑 1000ml Don't Worry Dish Soap -Scentless

Dr.Seed -抗菌奶瓶蔬果1級清潔劑 1000ml Don't Worry Dish Soap -Scentless


抗菌奶瓶蔬果1級清潔劑 Don't Worry Dish Soap -Scentless  1000ml


- 濃密泡沫,可清除頑強附著的奶垢及油漬

- 能洗淨蔬菜、水果上殘留的農藥,讓飲食更健康

- 含天然成分, 通過皮膚過敏刺激測試,無色無味,溫和不刺激同時滋潤肌膚

- 清潔蔬果:將水果或蔬菜浸泡1公升水,加入2毫升清清潔劑後清洗,再以流動清水沖洗蔬果30秒以上,若以容器盛水沖洗,需換水至少2次。

- 清潔奶瓶/餐具:以海綿沾取適量清潔劑,清洗奶瓶、奶嘴等,以流動清水沖洗奶瓶、奶嘴、安撫奶嘴、嬰兒用品等,須沖洗5秒以上,若以容器盛水沖洗,需換水至少2次。


  • All-in-one grade 1 cleaner, cleanser that safely cares for babies
  • 100% food grade ingredients to ensure maximum safety to babies, even with cleanser residue
  • Cleans effectively, removing stubborn milk stains
  • Can be used to wash nursing bottles, nipples, baby accessories, as well as fruits and vegetables for the family
  • Contains natural ingredients, passed the skin allergy irritation test, is colorless, odorless, mild and non-irritating, while moisturizing the skin


- Clean fruits and vegetables: soak fruits or vegetables in 1 liter of water, add 2 ml of cleansing agent and wash them, and then rinse fruits and vegetables with running water for more than 30 seconds. If you rinse with water in a container, you need to change the water at least 2 times.

- Clean baby bottles/tableware: Use sponge to soak appropriate amount of detergent to clean baby bottles, pacifiers, etc., rinse baby bottles, pacifiers, pacifiers, baby products, etc. with running water. Rinse for more than 5 seconds. If the container is filled with water, the water needs to be changed. At least 2 times.

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